CTO advisory

With technologies advancing at an ever greater pace, keeping up with the opportunities and complexities that these changes bring can be daunting. We offer executives customized coaching to keep up with the changes. Whether you are a business leader trying to figure out how to best align your infrastructure with your company’s demands and market opportunities, or you are looking for confidential training in order to stay up-to-date, we have you covered — think of having a personal CTO at your disposal.

• Assess technology roadmap

• Design, architect crucial new products

• Add that tech-‘magic’ into your product portfolio

• Evaluate team

• Build your platform

• Build your team and roadmap

Big-Data; explore and exploit your data

If our age has done anything, it has amassed ridiculous amounts of data. eCommerce, ad networks and SaaS companies are sitting on terabytes of logs and session data. Market portals are aggregating mounds of analytics. However, hardly anyone has any visibility into these piles of data. We can help you parse through these troughs of information and inject just enough of your domain expertise into the process to build a robust view of your organization, performance and customers (meta-data management and knowledge injection). You will be amazed by what you can uncover!

• Build a robust data-warehouse that will inform business decisions

• Use semantic technology to cut through semi-structured data

• Assess what meaning you can actually derive from you data

• Use machine learning to derive meaning

Marketing & Branding

Contrary to popular belief, this starts early. The moment you hatch the idea for your venture, you should begin to think about branding. As with many disciplines, there is a lot to learn and consider.

• Design your brand

• Grow your customer or constituency base

• Develop your product and messaging

Funding and finance

At the heart of building a start-up is getting it funded. Whether it is the crucial seed round or the first institutional money, we can assist and jump start your efforts.

• Build a top-class board

• Deck development

• Personal coaching for the first-time CEO

• Put your company in the race

• Introductions

• Financial oversight (your CFO, before you need one full time)

Design the ‘data-driven’ company

In an age where every start-up tries to be ‘data-driven,’ what meaning can we actually derive from our data-sets? Orbitwerks brings the discipline of epidemiology to business decision making. For more than 30 years this discipline has helped us to find out what works in drug development – now we can apply these tools to build actual ‘data-driven’ companies.

• Test (study) design

• Statistical tool-sets

• Analysis

• Algorithm development

Community development

Ideas don’t come from sitting in an office and trying to break down a problem. Ideas arise from discourse, discussion and sharing of ideas. Orbitwerks is dedicated to helping to build a thriving community that fosters ideas and innovation leading to flourishing ventures. And what better way to develop this than connecting Silicon Valley with Silicon Beach!