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The hybrid approach to machine and deep learning

The hybrid approach to machine and deep learning Enter the blackbox conundrum. Deep learning is a technique that utilizes vast amounts of data and applies algorithms to iterate through and discover patterns. By doing so, a model utilizing a hidden layer is created that can connect inputs to outputs following the discovered pattern. And the…

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Such a shame- will the blockchain drown in the ICO

Such a shame: will the blockchain drown in the ICO craze? When Satoshi Nakamoto published the paper that would launch a thousand crypto currencies (well, hundreds) in 2008, what was actually seminal about the paper would not be known by its now going name: blockchain until a bit later. And that part, in turn was…

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Propagation of influence on social media

Propagation of influence on social speech Social networks are a fertile new ground for massive patterns of influence. We have seen examples of successful influencer (social creator) campaigns leveraged by brands daring to play in the new world of earned media. Some brands and agencies see this new world of earned media as the rightful…

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AI and Creativity

Understanding and comprehending the intersection between art and mathematics is not new. Whether it is the discovery of mathematical patterns in Johann Sebastian Bach’s fugues or the geometric abstraction of cubism. The two hemispheres of our brains interact strongly in the creative process. With the democratization of incredible computing resources, massively iterative computing has become…

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Understanding Social Speech

In 1439, when Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg brought movable type to Europe and launched what we now call the Age of Mass Media, we embarked on a strange bypass of human-to-human communication. Until this momentous occasion, information required a direct, one-to-one interaction between two human beings. There were illuminated books that dutiful monks…

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You have your product working, now what?

With a lot of elbow-grease and late nights, your product is finally finished working! You are starting to roll it into a beta program and your first customers are touching it. Will it scale? Will you be able to satisfy demand if things really get going? This is a crucial time for your start-up. This is where…

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The Promise of Data Science

The techworld is consistent: we love our buzz words. Often we forget the actual meaning and use behind the shiny new acronym or term. Right now one of the hottest topics across Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach is Big Data. And we are hiring data scientists as fast as we can. But what are we actually trying to achieve? True,…
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